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Matt Watson Cycling

Cycling is a demanding hobby and sport no matter what level you’re riding at. And it can certainly take it’s toll mentally and physically. Chances are you’re not being paid to ride your bike, and that you’re either in education or you’ve got an actual job that pays for you to be able to push those pedals. We know it’s the dream to be paid to do something we love but if you’re not then it’s easy to fall into a doldrum and question why you’re doing it at all.

We believe you should have fun for at least most of the time whilst riding your bike. Yes, the weather doesn’t always help, races are hard, a crash can set you back, other people are at different points in their training and sometimes just sometimes the coffee and cake can be a let-down. There are times when we all want to stop riding whether it’s training or racing. But still, if you can find the fun in what you do, you’re more likely to keep on at it.

Having a coach who understands the highs and lows of this beautiful sport and knows what you’re going through can really help with your overall enjoyment of cycling. Just recently one of our coached athletes came up to his coach to thank him for helping him with his relationship with his bike.

“I was at the stage last year that I didn’t want to train anymore because I didn’t see the point. I came to RideRevolution to put some more structure in what I was doing. And when Jake gave me clear guidance and put into place what I should be doing it all started clicking. It made me want to go out and ride my bike. I rode up to him during a race on Saturday with a big smile on my face to thank him for helping me see it was still a fun sport.” – Matt Watson

We all have different reasons for riding our bikes but if it starts feeling like too much of a chore then you should look at what can change to make you happier about cycling. The last thing we want to see is someone resent riding their bike. Either check our website, talk to one of our coaches or speak to our rider liaison at a bike race and see if RideRevolution can help you put the fun back in your cycling.