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Cycle Coaching Bedfordshire

RideRevolution providing cycle coaching Bedfordshire wide. Our coaching team proudly serve Luton, Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard, Biggleswade, Bedford, Sandy and all the surrounding small towns.

Welcome to RideRevolution, a cycle coach and lifestyle company aimed at helping you become the rider you want to be. We have training packages to suit all needs and budgets, helping clients of all levels achieve what they set out to. Be it purely for your own fitness, or a specific event, or helping you climb the ladder of the British and even Continental cycling scenes, we’re here to help. Let us help you achieve your RideRevolution.

Our packages have been created to offer some of the best value coaching throughout the UK, knowing full well that our clients have busy lives that require flexibility within their training plans. We put every effort into ensuring you feel that you are getting the best out of the training we set for you.

The head coach of RideRevolution has raced at the top domestic level for more than ten years, combined with his Masters in Sports Science as well as numerous years coaching. We also have our rider liaison officer who can help guide the more novice of riders get into the sport. All the staff at RideRevolution have one main aim, to help you, the client. With more than 40 years’ experience in cycle sport and the cycling industry you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re in good hands.

Not only do we have a number of different coaching packages to help benefit you as a rider, we have also formed relationships with key partners to get you access to offers on services and products.

Our 4 steps to Coach cycling

Stage 1 – Evaluation

To begin with every client goes through a formal introduction to their coach, as well as a consultation to establish training history and figure out what the desired results the client wishes to see. The coaches take into consideration each client’s timetable to make sure the training fits correctly with availability.

You will never be restricted on the contact time with your coach whilst working with RideRevolution. It’s one of our key ideals to give everyone access to the knowledge and advice they require, and we do so by not putting a timer on you (unless you’re on the bike working against the clock that is).

Cycle Coaching Bedfordshire - Rider Evaluation

Stage 2 – Planning

Once the initial evaluation is out of the way we use scientifically-backed tests and research to deliver a training plan to suit you. With a variety of methods at our disposal to test your fitness and work out what you have the potential to achieve, your coach will put together a training plan allowing you to easily see each step towards your goals. The tests themselves give valuable insight to your coach regarding your strengths and weaknesses and they will adjust your plan accordingly.

Rider Training Planning Bedfordshire

Stage 3 – Development

Our preferred medium to deliver your training plans is the accepted industry standard software; Training Peaks. Utilising all their experience and knowledge your coach will provide you with feedback via this platform and tweak sessions as necessary to fit around your schedule.

As you change as a rider and your goals shift, the staff at RideRevolution will be there to monitor your development and help make sure you continue an upward trend towards realising your goals.

Coached Rider Development Bedfordshire

Stage 4 – Analysis

Constant analysis of your training and the ease of communication between rider and coach means that we’re always looking to push you as athletes. If your training dips, we’ll be there to discuss and analyse with you what we can do to improve your performance.

Cycling Coach Bedfordshire
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