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Cycle Coaching Berkshire

RideRevolution is a coaching company revolving around all aspects of cycle sport. We offer cycle coaching Berkshire wide. Our staff enthusiastically advise across Ascot, Bracknell, Maidenhead, Newbury, Reading, Slough, Thatcham, Windsor, Wokingham and much further afield within the UK and Europe.

We aim to offer a variety of coaching plans to all our cycling and multisport cliental. We have created our coaching plans to give you everything essential to manage your needs and reach your targets. RideRevolution athletes have a broad spectrum of aspirations including event-specific goals, help with time-management surrounding training and those that want to get their hands in the air at the end of a race when they win.

We investigated and researched the cycle coaching market thoroughly and are happy to say that we feel our packages offer better value for money than our competitors. Every package was created to meet the changing needs of our clients, and our coaches will work with you to tailor everything to fit in with your lifestyle. We will advise you how best to allow your work life and training to be in-sync. We use Training Peaks to set up our training plans, allowing both coach and rider to see the benefits in an easily read format.

RideRevolution staff members are always on hand to help, with unlimited contact time with your coach, or our Rider Liaison. Each coach has real experience at higher levels of cycle-sport so you can be assured that they know the difficulties of how best to utilise training time. And our Rider Liaison is on hand should you require some advice on the administrative side of British Cycling. At RideRevolution we believe that our clients are always a priority, your goals become our goals.

We are also very thankful to be able to offer discounts on goods and services from our select partners to our RideRevolution athletes.

Our 4 steps to Coach cycling

Stage 1 – Evaluation

Each athlete that approaches RideRevolution will be given an introduction to their future coach, and initial consultation to discuss what they want to achieve. During this consultation, the coach will gain an understanding of the athletes’ requirements, available time to dedicate to their training, as well as their past training or competition history. We then set about making sure the desired package is right for the client, tailoring it as necessary to you.

All our training packages benefit from unlimited coaching contact time. We want to always put our clients first and didn’t want to put a time constraint on our coaching plans.

Cycle Coaching Bedfordshire - Rider Evaluation

Stage 2 – Planning

After the initial consultation and assessment of training history we will look to test your current fitness levels. We use scientific based testing and training techniques to effectively gain a deep understanding of where you are at and what we have to work with. From here we will develop and create your unique training plan to allow you the best training to achieve the goals you set out with your coach. Short term targets will be used to show the training method step by step. Using the data from your tests will give both coach and athlete a clear view of what they should aim for.

Rider Training Planning Bedfordshire

Stage 3 – Development

RideRevolution coaches deliver the training plans to you via the market leading software, Training Peaks. During your time with us your coach will use this platform to give an easy to read and follow training plan which tracks your development as an athlete. Feedback from both you and your coach is available within each days training schedule.

The development stage of your training package gives your coach the ability to review your goals systematically and adjust if required.

Coached Rider Development Bedfordshire

Stage 4 – Analysis

Constant analysis of your sessions means your coach can identify weaknesses which may be hindering your performance and help you overcome them. Each coach will examine the overview of your training in detail and see what elements of particular sessions work and what do not. Each client is unique, and it is with this detailed analysis that we are able to offer the best value for money coaching packages out there.

Cycling Coach Bedfordshire
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