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Cycle Coaching Oxfordshire

RideRevolution providing cycle coaching Oxfordshire wide. Our coaching team proudly serve Oxford, Banbury, Bicester, Kidlington, Chipping Norton, Witney, Thame, Abingdon-on-Thames, Wantage, Didcot, Wallingford and Henley-on-Thames and all the surrounding small towns.

RideRevolution is a cycling coaching and sporting lifestyle business. We focus on training plans for cycling, running and triathlon aimed at athletes across the UK and beyond. We have setup 3 specific packages for cyclists, with additional options for runners and triathletes. Our clients range from the ultra competitive to those with more of a health and fitness approach. Additionally we have clients that we coach that who are training for specific goals like sportives or a big ticket event such as LEJOG.

Our training packages have been speficially designed to appeal to different types of athlete, each includes everything we feel our coached riders would benefit from the most at their respective levels. It has and remains to be important to us that without each package we provide flexibility, effective communication and overall value for money. We believe we genuinely offer extremely competitive coaching.

The coaching team at RideRevolution are made up of athletes with a huge range of experience not only at coaching other riders, but in competing in an extensive array of styles and events. To ensure our clients get the very best experience possible, we also offer access to our Rider Liaison who can answer more general questions you might have about events, travel, British cycling, the various rules and regs and all things cycling.

In addition to all the above, we also regularly partner with a range of business we believe provide products and services that compliment RideRevolution. This partnering often allows us to offer discounts to our clients.

Our 4 steps to Coach cycling

Stage 1 – Evaluation

All our packed kick off with an initial consultation with your new coach. The aim is for coach to get an understanding of your personal aims and goals, along with an outline of your previous training and experience. We will also discuss details such as the time you have available and train and explain how your training plan will work on a day to day basis.

Contact time with your coach is very important, we value all our client and do not set strict limits for contact, our aim is to provide a professional service with a personal touch.

Cycle Coaching Bedfordshire - Rider Evaluation

Stage 2 – Planning

Following on from stage one, you coach will start by gathering some information about your current fitness levels, we use well known testing that will give us a clear picture of where you are. Once your coach has your test results, he can setup your training zones and future goals. Any weakness can also be address and a plan to improve put into place. Taking into account all this information your first training sessions will be prepared.

Rider Training Planning Bedfordshire

Stage 3 – Development

All your training sessions will be laid out on Training Peaks. For riders that haven’t used this software before, it’s a well rounded and featured training app that allows coaches to setup athletes sessions. You will be able to see the view the sessions and interact with your coach on this platform, it’s easy to access on computer, tablet of your mobile phone.

Your coach will be able to track your progress using a range of metrics available with this software.

Coached Rider Development Bedfordshire

Stage 4 – Analysis

Once you have begun your training sessions, your data will be collected onto Training Peaks where your coach can review it with you and ultimately measure progress towards your targets. We will also watch out for any issues with your sessions, so these can then be adjusted to suit.

Cycling Coach Bedfordshire
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