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It’s been great working with Charlie over the last year keeping me focused throughout lockdown. We struck up a good rapport straight away and it has been a great experience. This was my first introduction to coaching and I have learned a lot.…read more

Grahame Nettleden
Rating: 5

I started looking into a real coaching services and found RideRevolution, the first thing I liked was they do not charge a signup fee. You just pay for one month at a time with no fixed term contract. After a few emails and…read more

David Cocks
Rating: 5

Let’s be clear I’m not a cyclist. I’m 56 and only started cycling when lockdown started. I was doing OK but since getting coaching I have gone to the next level. My max power has doubled. My FTP is up 65%. My heart…read more

Mark Sear
Rating: 5

Tom has been coaching me since the 2019/2020 Cyclocross season and it was clear there were improvements being made straight away. I achieved my second cat licence last year, so this year was going to be a big jump in racing. But with…read more

Billy Fadden
Rating: 5

I joined RideRevolution last year whilst competing against riders like Jake in National level races. During 2020 it would be easy to think that a coach wouldn't be required but if anything, I've found sticking to a training plan to be more motivational…read more

Clay Davies
Rating: 5

I was at the stage that I didn’t want to train anymore because I didn’t see the point. I came to RideRevolution to put some more structure in what I was doing. And when Jake gave me clear guidance and put into place…read more

Matt Watson
Rating: 5

Jake was able to set a personalised, structured training plan around achieving goals we had set for the 2018 race season. Having my training sessions planned out for me to see each week really made sure I was making the most of the…read more

Charlotte Redden
Rating: 5

Jake personalises his training programmes to fit in around my varied riding and racing goals. He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain things and answer questions I have however stupid they are. His extensive experience of racing has been great…read more

Helen Roby
Rating: 5

After years out the sport, I rediscovered racing after turning 40. I trained hard and got up into the 3rd cats, but just keeping up wasn't enough for me. A friend recommended RideRevolution, so I took the plunge. With a well laid out…read more

Paul Southern
Rating: 5

Cycling Coach Derbyshire

Ride Revolution provides cycling and triathlon coaching across Derbyshire. Our cycling coach Derbyshire service has proved extremely popular with riders of all abilities. Our coaching team proudly serves Derbyshire, including Derby, Chesterfield, Glossop, Belper, Alfreton, Buxton, Bolsover and surrounding towns and villages.

After nearly a decade of coaching racing cyclists, former UCI Continental cyclist Jake Hales launched Ride Revolution in 2019 to offer a broader platform and increased capacity. This step allowed Ride Revolution to expand its focus beyond just racing cyclists. Starting with just two coaches, Ride Revolution has rapidly grown into one of the leading coaching brands in the UK. Today, it’s rare to find a race or major cycling event without a Ride Revolution coached rider on the start line. We have also become truly multinational, serving clients from all corners of the globe. In 2023, we launched a dedicated US website to meet the fast-growing demand stateside.

Despite these rapid changes, our ethos remains the same: to provide premium quality, affordable, and personalized coaching, regardless of your budget. Our team now includes 10 coaches, ensuring that you never feel like just a number. Each coach manages a capacity often less than half that of other major coaching brands. Our coaches come from diverse backgrounds, ensuring that no matter your goals, we have the perfect coach for you.

Our packages have no sign-up fee and a rolling contract, starting from as little as £90 per month, with costs increasing based on the package and the experience of the assigned coach. This allows us to cater to every type of rider without compromising on the quality of coaching.

In 2023, we also launched our self-funded race team, catering to all levels and ages of riders across various disciplines, including time trial, road, MTB, and cyclocross. Our unique performance pathway ensures riders receive the respect and advice needed to progress through the levels. In its first year, our elite squad has become one of the highest-ranked teams in the UK, achieving over 100 wins, 250 podiums, four national titles, and boasting the UK’s highest-ranked elite road rider. We expect significant growth in scale and performance for 2024.

Ride Revolution partners with industry leaders such as FFWD wheels, Pirelli tyres, Abus helmets, Velomotion Bike Fit Studio, OTE nutrition, and Nopinz kit to offer exclusive discounts to our coached riders.

We GUARANTEE to make you a faster rider, no matter the size of your goals. Enquire today and start your journey as a Ride Revolution athlete. Upon receiving your enquiry, we will contact you to set up your no-obligation initial consultation, and we look forward to beginning your path to success.

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    How our Coaching works

    Step 1

    Initial Consultation

    From your initial enquiry with us, our Head Coach, Jake Hales will contact you and arrange a phone appointment. We like to get a good understanding of your current situation, goals, style and general cycling history. Jake will then recommend the best RideRevolution coach for your needs, all are skilled and experienced.

    Step 2

    Where are you at?

    Your new coach will have a second, more in depth consultation and will analyse past data and training in depth as well as conducting tests to assess your current fitness level, strengths and weaknesses. This will then form a baseline to create a plan unique to your needs to maximise your potential development.

    Step 3

    And so it begins..

    Your coach will create a personalised training plan for you, using TrainingPeaks software to set and record your sessions. After each training session, you will upload your ride data. Your coach will review your training, provide feedback and set your next block of training. All training is bespoke to each rider.

    Step 4

    Ongoing Development

    Your coach will provide regular feedback and analysis based on your training results via phone, WhatsApp & TrainingPeaks, helping you continue to progress your goals and improve performance. Training will be constantly adjusted to suit your needs and maximise your performance for your current goals.

    Why choose RideRevolution Coaching..

    Guaranteed to improve your performance
    Riders are treated as an individual
    Bespoke personalized training sessions
    UK’s most diverse coaching team
    Join our Sponsored race team
    No limits on contact time
    Increase your FTP and endurance
    Acheive your targets and goals
    Cycling Coaching UK

    April update

    April Update from RR Team Manager Jake Having started the season so strongly in Feb and March, there could always be the concern that we had started the season too…

    Read more


    A cycling coach is a person who helps a rider improve their performance on a bike. This can be purely for fun and fitness, right through to coaching professional riders.

    Getting started with one of our coaches is easy, just contact us via this website, WhatApp or social media. We will assign you a coach best suited for your needs.

    A phrase first coined by Sir Dave Brailsford, the 1% rule is used as an explanation of the ‘marginal gains’ principle. It states that if you improve every area of your cycling by 1%, those small gains will add up to a substantial improvement overall. At Ride Revolution, we can help you improve not only your training, but also; nutrition, strength training, tactics, equipment, bike fit and clothing choices to name a few

    Indoor training is an important tool. The majority of our clients train indoors either by choice or due to time or weather conditions for at least some of their sessions. Coach set sessions can be easily adapted to suit indoor or outdoor training.

    A cycling coach can make a huge difference to your performance. All of the top riders are coached but unlike in years gone by, many “normal” riders now have a coach for the simple reason that having a coach vastly helps you improve your performance on the bike. No longer is coaching “just for racers”, we have clients that only ride for general fitness, fun or for specific events like charity rides and sportive challenges.

    Cycling is a fantastic way to increase your fitness and can be effective either indoors or outdoors. Having a coach will enable you to make the most effective use of your time, enabling you to increase your fitness and ride faster.

    A Ride Revolution coach will help you to make the most effective use of the time you have available to train, implementing a progressive training plan to help you improve your FTP, endurance, Vo2 max and peak power, no matter how much or little time you have available to train.

    At Ride Revolution our ten coaches have a wealth of experience from across all areas of cycling. We will put you with the most suitable coach for the racing goals you have. Your coach will help you through the process, guiding you through to your first race.

    Yes. The majority of our clients have limited time in one way or another. Busy modern life styles, with work and family can make it quite tricky to fit cycling in. Our coaches are accustomed to building training plans around each riders time constraints. This is one of the benefits of having a coaching who is creating unique sessions for you.

    Finding a good cycling coach is much easier with RideRevolution. We have 10+ coaches, each with a unique set of experiences and expertise. Once you have made contact with us, our Head Coach will discuss your needs and requirements and recommend you the best RideRevolution coach for you!