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Cyclocross coaching is one of our faster growing new sign ups. Due to its accessibility and grassroots nature, cyclocross has been the fastest growing discipline in British cycling over the last 5 to 10 years. Offering a much friendlier and safer environment than road racing and accessibility to riders of all levels. Numbers in regional leagues have gone from strength to strength over the past few years.

Here at Ride Revolution, we have the right coaching staff to help you. Whether cyclocross is your main discipline or whether part of a multidisciplinary racing approach, we can help. Many of our coaches ride more than one discipline, so will be a perfect fit for you if you’re looking to split your time between multiple disciplines over different times in a year. Cyclocross is currently our second largest discipline in terms of riders coached.

Our race team squad is made up of some of the best regional cyclocross riders , regularly seen at the forefront of the Central, Leicester and Wessex leagues, clocking up numerous wins across senior, junior and  various vet categories in our first season. The 2024 season is looking to be even stronger. Interested in racing cyclocross for us? Enquire today to find out more about cyclocross coaching.

Coming into the cyclocross season, we are seeing a large amount of interest and we have less space available for cyclocross than we do for some other disciplines, so get in touch today to avoid missing out.

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How our Cycling Coaching works

Step 1

Initial Consultation

From your initial enquiry with us, our Head Coach, Jake Hales will contact you and arrange a phone appointment. We like to get a good understanding of your current situation, goals, style and general cycling history. Jake will then recommend the best RideRevolution coach for your needs, all are skilled and experienced.

Step 2

Where are you at?

Your new coach will have a second, more in depth consultation and will analyse past data and training in depth as well as conducting tests to assess your current fitness level, strengths and weaknesses. This will then form a baseline to create a plan unique to your needs to maximise your potential development.

Step 3

And so it begins..

Your coach will create a personalised training plan for you, using TrainingPeaks software to set and record your sessions. After each training session, you will upload your ride data. Your coach will review your training, provide feedback and set your next block of training. All training is bespoke to each rider.

Step 4

Ongoing Development

Your coach will provide regular feedback and analysis based on your training results via phone, WhatsApp & TrainingPeaks, helping you continue to progress your goals and improve performance. Training will be constantly adjusted to suit your needs and maximise your performance for your current goals.

Why choose a RideRevolution Cyling Coaching..

Guaranteed to improve your performance
Riders are treated as an individual
Bespoke personalized training sessions
UK’s most diverse coaching team
Join our Sponsored race team
No limits on contact time
Increase your FTP and endurance
Acheive your targets and goals