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Emily Robertson MultiSports Coach

Emily began her athletic life as a runner back in 2009 when she decided that running to work in London would be faster than getting the bus. She quickly became interested in how she could improve and go faster, which led to her joining a running club, where she soon began competing. Her first running injury led to her buying a road bike as an alternative means of getting her exercise fix. Emily soon discovered that she had a natural aptitude for cycling and really enjoyed it, so decided to test herself at some local duathlons and time trials.

In her first full year of time trialling, she finished 2nd in the National 50-mile Championship, 3rd in the National 25-mile Championship and inside the top 10 of the British Elite Time Trial Championship against household Olympian names. Emily went on to record other top 10 results in national time trial championships whilst also maintaining her passion for running and strength and conditioning.

Her sudden huge improvements in cycling attracted a lot of interest, and she was soon approached by people trying to find out her secret. Her dedication and commitment, as well as her meticulous, logical approach to training using power made her perfect for coaching. She began taking on clients, initially coaching friends back in 2015, before qualifying as a Level 2 British Cycling Coach and Personal Trainer and starting her own coaching company in 2016. Emily credits working with Steve Abraham on his attempts to break the world month- and year-long time trial records as the highlight of her coaching career to date.

Emily joined Ride Revolution in 2021 and with her vast experience coaching both cycling and running makes her ideal as a coach to either cyclists or Duathletes.

Her Particular interests as a coach are Female athletes, Time Trial and Duathlon. She is available on our Starter, Racing and Multisport packages.