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Gav Howell Coach at Riderevolution UK

Gavin has been involved in competitive sport since a young age, finally settling on cycling 10 years ago. Since then, his life has revolved around the sport.

He joined his local cycling club and soon found his competitive nature coming out and had a strong desire to improve. This led him to racing, working his way up through the rankings in British Cycling, despite competing against riders half his age.

2018 would see him become British Cycling National Masters Circuit Champ. He continued to work on methods and techniques to improve whilst balancing a busy work and family life. In 2021 he was finally old enough to start competing in British Masters Cycle Racing (over 40), going on to become the BMCR 2021 Criterium Champ. He enjoys competing in various disciplines within cycling; road racing, mountain biking, cyclocross and time trialling, adapting his training to suit his current goals.

Coming into competitive cycling at a slightly older age has given him an added insight into the difficulties of improving when age is not on your side. This required him to spend many hours researching and attending seminars. Gav has also completed specialist courses focusing on performance data analysis software. Combined with his engineering background and experience in data analysis, he continued his own improvement and began applying his expertise to others.

Gavin has been coaching cycling since 2015. Coming originally from a coaching background in other sports, he has transitioned excellently, catching the eye of head coach Jake, who invited Gav to join our roster in late 2021. Gav has quickly worked his way up the pecking order, and finds himself at or near to capacity most of the time due to his popularity. He is passionate and enjoys using his knowledge to help others improve and achieve their goals. Whatever their level in the hobby/ sport, be it the next Sportive or National level road race.

With the inauguration of our Race Team in 2023, Gav has taken on a senior role, managing both our 234 and master’s squads, coaching a large majority of the riders in each team.

Gav is happy to work with anyone, but has a particular interest in working with athletes who strive to take their performance to the next level and are willing to put in the work required to do so. He is the ideal coach for any racer.