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2020 hasn’t been the most awe-inspiring year for anyone, but we stand by our coached athletes and every decision they’ve made in their sporting year. Even in these testing times they’ve been smashing every bit of training they’ve been given. And on the whole they’re performing better than ever. Yes, the results sheet does not show much but the Return of Cycle Racing has already brought victories to our riders.

Back in early March no one knew the complete situation revolving around COVID-19. We were essentially in the early weeks of the cycling season throughout the country when we were told racing was off. A Winter of training seemingly wasted, we all collectively hung up our racing wheels for the unforeseeable future.

But even during lockdown new challenges emerged. Thankfully cycling was never off the cards and so we started doing lockdown time trials. Up and down the country Strava segments were created and subsequently crowns were won, lost, regained and times were beaten again and again. The coaches at RideRevolution showed themselves at the top of the table a time or two… And we actively encouraged our athletes to join in (whilst keeping socially distanced). Even when they weren’t going for Strava Crowns the guys and girls of RideRevolution were seeing the results of their training.

Motivation hasn’t always been high, but if we’re honest it’s a facet of human nature, whether we were going through this pandemic or not. Our coaches have been working harder than ever to look at our athletes training plans and the direct results of each session to make sure everyone is as motivated and focussed as possible.

Earlier this month British Cycling allowed the Return to Racing, albeit it with stringent rules on number of participants and timings. Open Time Trials resumed a few weeks previously but now we have been allowed to race circuit races as well. Hopefully, this will continue in momentum and allow for differing racing next month and the next month. Racing against 23 people, for no longer than 15 minutes is not for everyone, but we’re appreciative for the organisers who are managing to get this to happen. Our athletes are winning week in week out, and it is fantastic to see.

We have all been through this together, and it’s fundamental that we all help each other to the end of it. Which is why we are always there for whatever query our athletes have. The key to getting through this is communication. RideRevolution is here to help.