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Kieran Linders Triathlon Coach Ride Revolution

Kieran Lindars Triathlon Coach

Ride Revolution are delighted to welcome Kieran Lindars Triathlon Coach to our team. Kieran has been involved within triathlon professionally for over 10 years. He was a part of the National British Triathlon talent squad in his junior career where he represented the Nation numerous times. In 2013, he came second in the European triathlon relay qualifiers and then went on to win a European Bronze medal as part of the British Triathlon squad. This was all achieved whilst also working towards his GCSEs and therefore, he understands how to get the most out of athletes who are time crunched.

Kieran studied Sport Coaching at the University of Brighton where he continued to race intentionally and make the pivotal shift from a student athlete, to the top of professional racing. In 2019 he entered his first long course non-drafting event. Since then, he has worked his way up the PTO world rankings and currently sits at 44th. In 2022, he made his breakthrough winning the World Triathlon European Championships.
Kieran has coached all his life and has insight into how the very best train. He holds a British Triathlon Level 2 Diploma as well as a Coaching Degree Bsc Hon.

Personal bests
PTO Ranking – 42nd
Full 140.6 – 7:50:53
Half 70.3 – 3:35:53