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From the age of 35 onwards, riders are classified as Masters or Vets. It is widely accepted that from around this age rider performance tends to naturally begin to reduce. This is where Masters Cycling Coaching comes in. With the right coach, the physiological drop off associated with ageing can be drastically slowed down. In fact, in our experience, riders who have not previously had quality coaching often see a performance increases and are able to achieve goals way beyond the realms they assumed were possible.

Riders that fit into the over 35 Masters/Vets category often have extremely busy lives, with family and work commitments. This often makes fitting in quality training sessions quite difficult, especially in the winter months where weather plays its part.

At RideRevolution we have a great deal of experience coaching vets, with numberous national medals across a range of disciplines. Our coaches go to great lengths to ensure training programmes are well constructed and tuned to suit the individual riders, their goals, circumstances and take into account time constraints so that riders get the absolute best out of their available time.

We ensure that:

Masters Cycling Coaching

– A unique training plan based on riders individuals needs is provided. We use the ever popular TrainingPeaks platform making for easy setting and management of sessions.
– Address questions and ensure riders fully understand every aspect of the training plan
– Pay close attention to issues that can particularly affect older riders, such as slower recovery, ensuring adequate rest is built into the plan
– Work with riders, understand their feedback and adjust training sessions on a regular basis where required

We have coached a wide range of Masters riders with a wide range of goals. These include:

– Riders who are new to the sport and need not only a coach, but also support and help from our rider liaison
– Sportive riders looking to take on specific challenges
– Riders who are looking to get involved in racing
– Racing athletes who are looking for performance improvements to be more competitive
– Leisure cyclists looking to improve overall fitness, losing weight and general aim of a healthier lifestyle

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