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Jake Hales - Head Coach

Head Coach - Jake Hales

Jake is our head coach. With a masters in sports science and nearly 20 years of racing experience, including professionally, he is equipped to coach even the top level racer.

RideRevolution Coach Tim Neale

Rider Coach - Tom Neale

Tom started coaching in 2016 and has  raced at both National and International level and his analytical mind gives his coached riders all the benefit of his experience.

Jack Waller Coach

Rider Coach - Jack Waller

Jack has over 20 years racing experience and has worked in bike shops and in the cycling industry for a decade. He is ready to pass his wealth of knowledge onto his clients.

Rider Liason - Sarah Hooper

Sarah has been working in various roles within elite amateur teams for over a decade. She is here to help out the more novice riders with their cycling related queries.