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Sarah Hooper Rider Liason

Sarah has been involved in cycling since before she can even remember. Her father part-owned one of the UK’s top independent bike shops at the time. She recalls trips to the Belgium classics with him before being able to ride a bike herself! Sarah tried her hand at racing as a youth, but always found more enjoyment in watching and helping other riders.

Since her return from University in 2007, Sarah has performed virtually every support role within a number of the country’s top Elite amateur teams, most recently as Director Sportif of the Spirit Tifosi racing team during the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

Sarah can often be seen Commissairing various races around the South of England on behalf of British Cycling. She took her studies for this role very seriously and received a perfect 100% score during the course.

Overcoming her own demons when she clipped into the pedals again in the fresh air (not on the turbo) in 2016, shows that she has been able to manage any mental stigma she had stopping her from enjoying her riding.

Available as our Rider Liaison for all our coached athletes, she is looking forward to helping answer any questions or queries, as she is fully aware of how daunting the racing world can be.

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