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I started looking into a real coaching services and found RideRevolution, the first thing I liked was they do not charge a signup fee. You just pay for one month at a time with no fixed term contract. After a few emails and a phone conversation to discuss if they could help me considering my health condition, I decided to give it a go. After a phone conversation with Charles, my coach, about my goals and what I wanted to achieve, my plan was put in place a month at a time. So, I started to work through the plan, after each effort I Whatsapp message Charlie about my thoughts on how I got on then at the end of the month we have a phone chat to discuss the next month’s training. So far, I’m into my 4th month and progressing pretty well.

When I started I could only ride for around 6 miles. This weekend I will be doing my first 20-mile ride! This is all down to RideRevolution and Charlie. To me it is the structured approach to training that makes the difference – it gives you such a purpose. I now hate it if I cannot get out and do my training and having someone to discuss your training with makes it just fantastic as far as I am concerned. My aim is not to stop with them until I can do a 50 mile ride.