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Jake was able to set a personalised, structured training plan around achieving goals we had set for the 2018 race season. Having my training sessions planned out for me to see each week really made sure I was making the most of the time I had available. He was also able to adapt and tailor the training at short notice depending on how I was feeling or if my plans had changed for that week.

The feedback I got from Jake was really insightful as he was able to translate the numbers from training peaks (power, heart rates etc…) into feedback that I could understand. This not only helped with motivation during the long winter months, but I could also see how much progression I had made when it came to the start of the race season. Numbers don’t lie!

I could draw upon his wealth of knowledge from racing at the highest level for many years in the men’s peloton from things such as learning how to handle pre-race nerves at big competitions, fuelling during races and also tactically how I could use my strengths to get the best out of my performance.

One of my weakest areas of performance was cornering in races and after watching Jake at my local crit series it was evident at how confident he was with his bike handling skills. Jake coached me during some 1-1 sessions out on the road to get a better feel for taking corners at speed which was so valuable to help me keep my positioning in races.

Jake could put performances where I felt like I had underachieved into perspective which kept moral high as in any sport you will always have highs and lows. Overall, I had one of my best seasons to date and without the coaching support from Jake it would have been much harder to achieve my 2018 goals.