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I joined RideRevolution last year whilst competing against riders like Jake in National level races. During 2020 it would be easy to think that a coach wouldn’t be required but if anything, I’ve found sticking to a training plan to be more motivational and has kept me focused. Instead of racing we worked on a series of personal best targets which with Jake’s guidance we’ve been able to reach.

The numbers don’t lie, in 2019 I had an FTP of 375. And in 2020 I’m up to an FTP of 407. That’s an almost 10% increase! I also held a 430 watt average during a TT which I wouldn’t have been able to do before joining RideRevolution.

Clay Davies RideRevolution

I was at the stage that I didn’t want to train anymore because I didn’t see the point. I came to RideRevolution to put some more structure in what I was doing. And when Jake gave me clear guidance and put into place what I should be doing it all started clicking. It made me want to go out and ride my bike. I rode up to him during a race on Saturday with a big smile on my face to thank him for helping me see it was still a fun sport.

Matt Watson Cycling

Jake was able to set a personalised, structured training plan around achieving goals we had set for the 2018 race season. Having my training sessions planned out for me to see each week really made sure I was making the most of the time I had available. He was also able to adapt and tailor the training at short notice depending on how I was feeling or if my plans had changed for that week.


Jake personalises his training programmes to fit in around my varied riding and racing goals. He is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain things and answer questions I have however stupid they are. His extensive experience of racing has been great in helping prepare for races and he shows a genuine interest in how well my races have gone. I had only intended working with a coach for one season, but sort of enjoyed the challenge and have now been working with Jake for about 3 years, and still see an improvement in performance year on year.

Helen Roby Coached by Jake Hales

After years out the sport, I rediscovered racing after turning 40. I trained hard and got up into the 3rd cats, but just keeping up wasn’t enough for me. A friend recommended RideRevolution, so I took the plunge. With a well laid out training plan, regular communication and support, my fitness and confidence have grown. I am now a competative 2nd cat! The coaching is very flexible and training fits in around family and work commitments. Highly recommended.