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Let’s be clear I’m not a cyclist. I’m 56 and only started cycling when lockdown started. I was doing OK but since getting coaching I have gone to the next level. My max power has doubled. My FTP is up 65%. My heart rate and recovery is a massive improvement (I use a Whoop Band and even they are impressed). It’s all down to Tom and his well thought out structured sessions. They aren’t all easy. They aren’t all hard. They are though almost all spot on. Thoughtful and well designed. Plus he actually gives you feedback and asks you what’s working. Other coaches don’t do that – and without feedback you’re just a number. My advice? Do it. Get a coach. Coaching will do your stats more good than a new £10k bike.

Tom has been coaching me since the 2019/2020 Cyclocross season and it was clear there were improvements being made straight away. I achieved my second cat licence last year, so this year was going to be a big jump in racing. But with little to no racing available we’ve all had to adapt our goals for riding, which Tom has helped me with by giving a clear and concise training plan. The flexibility on this has also been helpful with my work commitments having changed many times throughout the year. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone needing that extra bit of coaching.

Billy Fadden