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Training For L’Étape Du Tour

Training for L’Étape du Tour

Known the world over the L’Étape du Tour has legendary status in the cycling world. The annual event sees riders of all abilities taking on a real Tour de France stage, just like the professionals. Each year, the organizers select an iconic stage from that year’s Tour de France, using the same start/finish and of course, taking in any number of iconic mountain climbs along the way.

Needless to say, this is an extreme sporting challenge, the event is often around 130km+ with more than 4500m of climbing to take on. The route will often cover some of the most incredible scenery France has to offer, from Alpine passes to the giant mountain climbs of the Pyrenees.

The scale of this event is huge with around 16,000 riders travelling from around the world to take part. Sadly though, many riders fail to actually complete the event such is the enormity of the challenge.  With this in mind it is extremely important to train effectively to ensure you are ready to take on L’Étape du Tour.

At Ride Revolution our coaches will ensure the right training plan is created to suit your specific needs and the demands of the event you are riding. When Training for L’Étape du Tour, starting early is the key, allow time for your body to adapt and improve from the programme we will provide. This will help to ensure that not only do you finish in style, you will be able to ride within yourself and soak up the unique atmosphere this event provides!